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Thunder of Freedom

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"Thunder of Freedom"

This is a painting that was birthed out of a time of praying into Zech 6:1-8, and Rev. 6 and 7 .
As I finished the piece and was asking the Lord for the name of this painting a word came on a email publication I receive and as I read it I realized it described what was on my heart as I painted. Below you will find this word from the Elijahlist. "He will cause His voice of authority to be heard from the north to the south, to the east and to the west. And He will visit His people yet again. Prepare, the day is arriving; prepare the hour is upon thee; the travails and the birth pangs of this last season are coming to an end and the afterbirth is being taken off of you.
For God is making of you a new thing, and God is doing a new thing in the earth, and there will be a fresh cry of revival. There will be a fresh cry of renewal. There will be a fresh cry of restoration, and there will be a fresh cry of proclamation. And because of that, the saints will lift their voice in unabashed, unashamed praise--for the sound of praise will be greater than you have ever heard it in any other day in your life. The sound of thunder will not only be from Heaven, but there shall be a thunder come from the spirit of the saints, as they are set free."