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“Lions Call”

The verse that stirred in my heart even before I began this piece or even knew exactly where it would go, is Hosea 11:10-11. A ROAR ~~ A CALLING being released into the ground creating a trembling. Informing all around that THE KING has arrived He is in the field sending forth a call that vibrates into the very ground.

As I asked the Lord for that first layer of the piece what I felt was ‘PROMISE”~~ A light beaming with the full spectrum of colors.

When I begin a piece I consecrate it to the Lord for His purposes and plans. I wash the white canvas with water as I pray. Then I begin to lay in the first colors of the foundation of the piece. As I painted this piece I found myself continually putting more and more water on the canvas, creating rain all over the canvas exposing the colors under the new layers of color. I had my Speakers turned up as worship music played and I sang and prayed as I painted. My new studio was slowly being covered with “rain drops” of color that splattered from this huge beautiful piece that was coming to life. I stood back and was drawn into the layers of light. I knew The Lion of Judah was already there I just had not discovered Him yet! I spent several days just looking into the piece and asking Holy Spirit to show me the Lion. THEN one day as I looked I began to see Him in the colors. His face had already been put in I just needed to pull it into view. I LOVE painting with Holy Spirit!!! He amazes me everytime I slow down and go at His pace and not try to force something in a piece.
I had wanted to paint an opened mouth ROARING Lion and Holy Spirit showed me,
NO! This Lion of Judah is “CALLING”!

May the ROAR and CALL of THE LION OF JUDAH FILL your home! Blessings!!