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Angels All Around

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I did this piece as I was praying for my grandbabies and specifically for my youngest grandson. His mama had a rough pregnancy and we had just lost Selah Hope, our grandaughter that was never able to take her first breath. Deep in my spirit I began to contend and battle specifically for this precious little boy preparing for his day of birth, praying for all my grandkids and the fullness of what God had planned for each of them❤️
I took paint in my hands and wiped in the first layer of this painting not sure what would form and when I stood back i began to see this warring Angel and I felt the Lord say He was
giving me a glimpse of one of the angels that are ALL AROUND! He was blowing and rhe battle that was ranging behind his was silenced and new green vines of LIFE began to grow! I would try to paint feathers and they kept looking like leaves on a vine! I LOVE the way when you give a canvas to the Lord He takes charge and your hands and the paint conform to His touch!! This piece carries and battle for life and a wind of new being formed!