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This piece was painted as I listened the Chuck Pierce during the head of the year conference this year. This piece is FULL of metallic and iridescent paints. It flashes LIGHT as you move around it.

As I finished this painting this Quote from Chuck Pierce was released, "There is a glass ceiling above you that the angels are warring against, very much like when Michael warred in the days of Daniel. I long to break a ceiling over you in the next 21 days. Your devotion is My strategy for you to be positioned in a way. No other voice but Mine has power to overthrow the enemy. Devote yourself to Me with a tenacity that you’ve never had before. This is preparation for the WARS ahead!!!”

Michael and the host of heaven are on the move BEHIND the scenes according to Lord of Hosts! Our devotion in earth gives them liberty to win wars on your behalf that you cannot see! ~quote from Melinda R."
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