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I was honored to get to paint at Beltway Churches FREEDOM conference this week end!
Normally when I paint live Holy Spirit tends to let me catch the atmosphere and Gods presence on my canvas. This weekend was different!
He gave me a healing word of knowledge in a painting!!
And not only that He lead me to a medium I would never normally choose!! He lead me to use a cold wax oil painting technique! This is a process using oils and heat and painting with many tools instead of brushes and OF COURSE my hands!!
This was for the healing of the wiring of the brain, healing of bone spurs in the neck and God wanted to touch Thalamus glands!!!!
I soooooo LOVE the EXCITING out of the box things I get to do with Him!!! And my dear friendNancy Capra-Art was right next to me painting and catching Holy Spirit inspiration on her canvas as well!!! 
Soooo fun!!

If you need healing in the wiring of your brain, bone spurs or your thalamus grab a hold of this!!! We had several testimonies of healings!!
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